Vol.1 Going to a coconut oil factory

In 2015, We went to a coconut oil factory This time, We visited a coconut oil production area, a factory in Sri Lanka.   We meet the manufacturers and convey the feelings of Japanese producers. The efforts and commitment of producers can often be known after meeting them. In order to make better products we visit the producers. 1. The organic coconut fields grew up in Sri Lanka’s verdant environment.   2. The oil factory was in a hygienic and spacious environment.   3. Before packing the oil, the bottle to be used is sterilized by heat.   4.The pressed oil is precipitated in a separated tank after passing it through a filter.   5.While managing the temperature, the bottles are carefully filled one at a time.   6.Labels are sticked, and inspection is done then shipped.   7.Discussing with the local staff to improve the products even better than now, Our effort will still continue. In this factory, MANGOS is also making spices and processed fruit products, besides coconut oil.

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