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Organic Ginger powder

Gingers power is mainly from the skin. So to harness this we only use whole organic ginger.

・JAS organic certificated
・High ORAC score
・For poor circulation measures, dry powder is better than fresh.
・The constituent changes Gingerol to Shogol when it is dried from raw ginger. Shogol makes warms your body from deep inside.
・effect of beautifying your skin.

Brand Premium SuperFood Nick & Orga
Product name Organic Ginger powder
Raw materials Organic Ginger powder
Internal capacity 60g, 500g
Country of origin Sri Lanka
Sell ​​by 2 years from production
Size 200mm×230mm×35mm(500g)
Quantity 24 pouch (60g), 10bags (500g)

60g package


We only use whole organic ginger.

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