Dry Fruits

Organic HIDAMARI sun dry fig

We make a lengthwise deep incision and check bags inside of the figs.

- JAS organic certificated
- Detecting foreign material by laser scanner
- storage in below 15C warehouse
- Plenty of Dietary fiber potassium iron content
- For the diet
- For the prevention of illness and maintenance of health
- Additive-free, Sugar-free

Product name Organic HIDAMARI sun dry fig 
Raw materials Organic fig 
Internal capacity 120g,、4kg、12kg
Country of origin Turky 
Sell ​​by 540 days from production 
EAN 4560245510161
Size 140mm×173mm×30mm(120g)、350mm×505mm×50mm(4㎏)
Quantity 24poxh(120g), 3bag(12kg), Diced Fig(12kg) 



Two stages of maturing drying. It gives rich sweetness 

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