Vol.3 Going to Sacha inchi fields

Going to Sacha inchi fields. Sacha inchi oil is a healthy omega-3 rich oil. It contains as much omega-3 as chia seed oil and linseed oil, but an omega-3 that easily oxidizes is its disadvantage. However Sacha inchi oil contains tocopherol, and is difficult to oxidize compared to other oils. It can be said to be the most suitable oil for taking fresh omega-3. This time, borrowing the force of JETRO, we headed towards the original producers.   DSC_0618 We went to the Tarapoto region in Peru.   DSC_0620DSCF2100 Nuts which are raw materials of sacha inchi oil, are brought up in the jungle.   DSCF2104DSCF2117 We could confirm that the producers were strictly sticking to organic.   DSCF2141 They earnestly listened to the needs of my Japanese customers. If their prices and conditions match, I thought that I would like to import it in Japan.   Going to Sacha inchi oil and Chia seed factory   IMG_0417 First of all, they check the raw material one by one with eyes and hand.   IMG_0419 At the factory, the extraction method used a simple cold-press to minimize the heat which could have degraded the components of the oil.  

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